Why Invest in Land?

Why do we think land is one of the best available investments today?

1.) Ownership Costs: Investing in land, unlike other forms of real estate, there are no unexpected costs due to things breaking or being destroyed by disorderly tenants. Are you tired of dealing with tenants, toilets, bugs, mold, lawn care, leaking roofs, bursting pipes and hundreds of other issues that come with owning buildings? Land does not involve ANY of those things. Once you invest in land, it sits there, behaves itself and nothing happens. When investing in land, there are no mortgage payments and no utility bills. The only true cost with owning land is the annual property tax – in most cases these annual taxes are very low and they range by year based on the assessed value of the land by the county.

2.) Easy to Grasp: Investing in land, unlike other types of investments, you do not have to worry about the stock market, interest rate hikes, or other economic circumstances that you cannot control. When investing in land, you can have the luxury in knowing that you have a long-term tangible asset. If you want to park your cash somewhere and not worry or think about it, land is the exact investment vehicle you are looking for.

3.) Instant Gratification: Investing in land is the only investment that you can actually enjoy while owning it. Investing in other things such as stocks, you cannot do anything with it, you cannot touch it or control it. Investing in land, you can do anything imaginable to it; you can physically go out to your land and camp on it, park your RV on it, go hunting, fishing, dirt-biking or eventually build your dream house. The opportunities are endless, but are subject to local regulations & restrictions.

4.) Life-Span: Investing in land is the only true investment that will last forever. It is a long-term tangible asset that does not wear out, does not go away and nothing can be broken, stolen or destroyed. You can have faith in knowing that you can pass it down from generation to generation, leaving your legacy in land forever. Adding all of these benefits together with your ability to buy it for next-to-nothing… can you think of a better investment?

5.) Scarcity:  Investing in land is the only investment that is truly scarce in this world. As our planet’s population continues to rise, land will continue to become more and more scarce. “They can print more money, but not more land.”

“Beautiful land and happy landowners guaranteed.” – Legacy Land

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